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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Does The Guy in The Far Right Look Like George W. Bush To You?

I've been doing a lot of ancestral research on my family. This began because of two things...My grandmother who wanted to know what happened to my great grandfather and me for not understanding our world in which we exist anymore.

I've always thought the laws were to protect people. Until I've now lived thru having my home stolen for the way in which to pay my bills. For the millions that go thru this process called life with the government my situation has turned my life upside down.

I've known now for several years its not JUST ME. Having ended up working for two of the top foreclosure trustees nationally on accounts after charge off for Chase and Citi, and going thru the whole spectrum of having my home stolen for the in which I have to pay my bills. Their refusal to enforce any type of honesty thru our court process hurts every AMERICAN!

For the millions that haven't had the opportunities I have, and have no one try to help STOP IT ALL IS MIND BOGGLING! Review of history shows me from being from some of the most political families of the day.  In researching I've found out one relative was in biz with William C. Whitney whose grandson Jock did Gone With the Wind. His mothers father was John Hay Abe's Secretary. He also was a close confidant of Robert Lincoln.

Me? come to find out I'm the 7th generation of one of the 1st National Banking Families who has been denied knowing anything about any of it! Even if their money is gone I didn't go in with an attitude of here's my list of references...but now I will...

My family has been Denied any recognition for trying to always do the right thing by not only ourselves but those that we know.  I know I'm one of millions but I've been at this now since at least 2001, and the story I have to tell is quite enlightening, and damaging to our country overall with what they attempt to do to people that otherwise wouldn't even make an attempt to be in their so called COURTS OF JUSTICE!


Now for the you think the far right guy is George W Bush?

I also have pictures of Captain Patrick Henry Durack. At one point in time he was a railroad patent person, gold miner, coal miner and god knows what else. The only people who really know who my family is are people who are AMERICA'S BIGGEST TERRORISTS...When Mr. Whitney died he left $24m to his son. My family I know still had mines as of 1948. To figure out the rest is the hard part. I travel thru time as I read about everyone involved in their circle of lies and deceit.

Americans deserve the truth knowing the first hand fraud they encourage against people sticking up for them.  What they put people thru is like experiencing death and living thru it with alot of anger.  Occupy Wall St Occupy Our Homes ROCK ON! Know I'm for the most part a silent fighter since I was lied to by one of the largest banks in the world about the right to sell mortgage notes for them. By no less than two people putting fraud into the courts Nationally! Think I can get a deposition? A news interview? An honest atty? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

I just took a job as so many do to make a living. I was always taught to be grateful for what you have. To be honest and sincere in your business dealings to where you create no mishaps. Although, it seems I stepped right into the biggest ring of corruption found involving some very powerful people!