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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mortgage Collector Vehicle Towed From Sabotage!

Ok folks! I'm posting this as a warning to other foreclosure fraud activists. Please be careful! This crap isn't funny, and can be deadly. While most don't know me I ended up being in middle of all this crap.

Their lies and deceit. I've made a new video to alert others in other states. As I'm right outside St. Louis, MO. This is so scary. To consider minutes before I had no clue this was a tire issue this is very scary. Especially, considering about a year ago it happened, and we replaced all tires, studs, and lug nuts. Even put locking nuts on them and well all five were gone off the left rear tire! While the others are still tight and fine on the vehicle.

Now could I have noticed it a couple of days before yes. However, I related it to a muffler issue not anything to do with the tire. As my hubby said it probably slid out of place and would fix later. Neither one of us suspected a tire problem! Totally scary driving up to the gas pump and having your axle fall to the ground.

Minutes before I could of been eliminated from this world. Please don't doubt the homeowners. Those that pay do. Those that still can't pay will do anything to make sure they can if it means the roof over their head!

I will continue to speak out for the good of every person not only in America at this point. This is a worldwide crisis folks by the governments to sabotage anything we hold dear most of all our life that has been granted to us!

Be safe folks!

Pic of my van as it sits till repaired tomorrow! Also I have the towing bill if anyone is interested in verifying my claims!