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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Hollywood Financial Sideshow

The other day an attorney I know did a blog talking about the "Fraudclosure Crisis" for obvious reasons I won't say a name.

At any rate he talked about the whole crisis we know as being nothing but a "Financial Sideshow." I thought hmm boy this is "TRUE" what is he finally paying attention to what I've been saying for years?

You'll notice in the description of my blog I talk about being a "Living Legend." I say this as come to find out I'm the Great Great Grand Daughter of the real "Katie Scarlett O'Hara." What I discovered after living a life of near poverty is that my great grandmother wasn't a "Fictional Person!"

Recently, Tv.Guide has come out with the most updated stuff on "Gone with the Wind." For 75 Years now the "Government" and "Hollywood" has made her out to not be real.

My "Great Grandfather" who I never got to meet for whatever reason left the clues with the social security office while updating his social security card with the names we knew him by including the alias he used traveling our great country. Think its just by chance his traveling sideshow was known as the "Hollywood Sideshow?"

From the names he gave I was able to ascertain what he put is "True!" Probably the most "Honest" thing I've ever heard in my life. The mystery behind it all should be named the "The Great American Hollywood Murder Sideshow Mystery." Or maybe the name of my new book "Never Gone!"

If they didn't want to be responsible they never should of created "Fraud" against so many.

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