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Thursday, May 29, 2014

"American Gold Never Gone"


  A few years ago, as a dying wish to my grandmother, I began researching what happened to my “Great Grandfather.”  She loved him so much! She just wanted us to find out what happened to him because she couldn't help but think it was important!

American Gold is a “True Mystery Story!”  It tracks the beginning of my life to the present. It’s helped me understand, more than most, how long the “United States” has lived in a form of communism for at least 78 years.  No book encompasses so many well-known names of our past and our present.

Bio of Author
Hi! I’m Kathy Utiss. I grew up just outside of St. Louis, Missouri proper.  I’m a 45- year- old mom of four. From 1994 until present my employment has been in the asset management industry.  Initially, I started in charged off non-performing credit card assets. Within a few years I got into the mortgage asset industry.  In September 2001, I accepted employment with a third party agency that collected on non-performing charged off mortgages for both Chase and Citi.
In February of 2004 I found out that the company I worked for lied about the right to sell mortgage notes. They never in fact had it in their contract to sell mortgage notes for Chase.  It somehow was an assumed practice that carried on from when Chase bought out Advanta.  There was a lawsuit that developed from this case.  Documents from this case in which I was the collector of accounts prior to suit are here.
There is nothing more frustrating than having your opportunity to pay taken away from you. For the millions of people who have no way to pay I stood my ground. What good is it to have a way to pay if no one will listen? Come to find out it never mattered as had the government not kept my “True Identity” from me I would more than likely be a multi-millionaire!

Contact me and let me know if your interested in a copy. I have a paypal account setup so you can pay for the book it's The cost is $20.00. Unless you need me to negotiate with you! :) 

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