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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

American Proud

Just so people don't think I  play here's a pic of my "Great Uncle Captain Patrick Henry Durack" from my family pictures. Realize he died in 1913. Thereafter, in 1933 my "Great Great Grandfather"  was hit by a hit & run driver while working as a night watchman for the AT & SF Rail Road in New Mexico. A few months later he died from injuries the accident caused. When the real "Katie" died my grandmother wasn't even allowed to go to her funeral. Prior to my grandmother never seeing her father again she said he came to her with "FEAR IN HIS EYES" when he told her she wouldn't see him for a while. "TRUTH IS" she never saw him alive again!

When my mother went to retrieve a birth certificate for my great grandfather who went missing to us it was unfound. But I found yet another name for him and the real Katie. When we researched the death of my other great great grandfather we found out the pages had been ripped out of time specifically with anything to do with him in "New Mexico."

Here is a write up on "Captain Patrick Henry Durack"  from the state of Texas."  When one analyzes the "Civil War" it's hard to not be proud of having such an ancestry. Not because of being in the "Union Army" but because in every article I've ever read about any of them there has been nothing but  "Good Character" mentioned. Not to mention the fact I'm not for any war.  However, how can we not think it didn't happen because of such things we're experiencing now?

It's hard to know exactly what I'm supposed to be responsible for with so many direct notable ancestors. But I know it involves Presidents, and many Corporations. As I found out my great grandfather was friends with Johnny Coon. You may not of heard of him but his father Carleton Coons of the Coon Sanders Nighthawks was in the 1st Novelty Orchestra on Radio. Funds from their first tours helped fund MCA and CBS.

Reading recently even helped me figure out why I have pictures of "Will Rogers" in my family pictures.  As he was at the opening of "NBC."

More Patrick Henry Durack Links

The title within the newspaper to read is "The Unrewarded Hero"

2nd column-1st short  Article

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