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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Free Home Myth vs. A Free Country

My journey in the asset management industry began by accident. Or so I thought it was. Come to find out it wasn't just coincidence. Nothing is more frustrating than always doing your best to be respectful towards others. You know from a young age they indoctrinate us to conform to our world. Only problem is their only informing us of what they want us to know. 

I started finding this out when I faced having my home stolen over the way in which I had to pay my bills. The only way I've been taught to pay was by working hard for what I have. The industry that came to me by chance because of a student loan paid decent. But I never tried to take advantage of anyone I when I attempted to help negotiate  whatever debt was in front of me. 

Always, trying to do right vs wrong I tried to make sure I was told the truth upon the acceptance of my employment. Only I could never of imagined that I would face my employer (National Asset Recovery Services, Inc.) a division of  "The Logs Network" could lie about their contractual ability to sell mortgage notes for one of the largest banks in the world. But they did, and they do. And unbelievably so no attorney will stand up to them. 

See "The Logs Network" is ran by trustees that are over 35 of America's top law offices. They are in bed with the servicers, title companies, judges, and any high profile banker worldwide. In my quest to "STOP" the "Fraudclosure Crisis" I've uncovered many things. You would think I'd have a security detail somewhere. Instead I get to face everyday wondering which will be my last. 

See I lost my job because my employer lied about their contractual ability to sell mortgage notes for Chase. Had they not lied to me from the inception of my employment I wouldn't of been selling mortgage notes, or  doing short sales on them, Nor would I of had a settlement authority level as low as $5,000.00.  

After I lost my job I've still tried to do proper business. yet my own attorney didn't believe in the impending foreclosure crisis more like enforced corruption.  As come to find out he works for a chapter 7 trustee here in St. Charles County, MO. Yet was supposed to be a chapter 13 defense attorney. I did what I was suppose to when requested. In order to still have a way to pay I had friends that wanted to make sure I didn't have to lose my home. They attempted to do business with Citi.

My 1st client was told because he was only spending $150,000 a month on non-performing assets instead of $3 million to $4 million per month that Citi wouldn't sell them notes. My next clients were willing to spend $10 million to $50 million per month on deficiency balance notes which are the worse as they happen after someone has lost their home. However, this transaction didn't happen either because once Citi sold the worse possible notes they still wanted to make money on them. That's the equivalent of paying me $5,000 for a car and me saying ok now you owe me $200 a month into infinity.

Getting the shaft sucks for every American. Believe in doing the right thing? Why should you? It seems no one cares. Your not a doctor,banker, or attorney to line anothers pocket anymore so your just worthless it seems in this world anymore.  At least that's how they try to make you be in their eyes.

My attorney who refused to file an adversary when placed into the Eastern District of Missouri with my own adversary went "Poof." Then my grandmother who was everything to me wanted me to find out what happened to her father. As she thought there was something of importance to know. I now have to say I couldn't agree more.

Secrets The Government Has Lied To Me and Millions of American's About

  • That they don't track us by our by our bloodlines
  •  I got to find out my "Great Grandmother" was a made into a "World Famous Fictional Person" you know her as "Katie Scarlett O'hara" as in "Gone with the Wind" 
  • That my Great Uncle was one of "America's" 1st miners no doubt for the man over the "First Holding Company in America William C Whitney."-I do know Whitney was involved in scandals. I'm unaware of anything negative found on my family.
  •  My uncle was also was a patent maker. One was a braking device for the railroads. Another patent was for removing water for mining purposes but is referenced by "Standard Oil" for oil wells. 
  • He was part owner of the quarry that provided all the stone for courthouses all over "Texas."
  • He helped build the first "Steel Bridge" in the world.
  • He was a founding member of the original "Knights of Columbus" that started way back in "New Mexico" in like 1902.
  • He may of been a companion to "Billy the Kid"
That's just some of it all...I've now written a book titled 
"American Gold Never Gone"

I've recently tied more pieces to the puzzle of those who follow my every move and keep my "True Identity" from me. After following my "Great Grandfather" all around our country thru "The Billboard" I figured out he was friends, and was in business somehow with "Johnny Coons." You ask who was he? Well come to find out he comes from an interesting heritage.

As his grandfather Claude M Coon sold "Allen's Red Tame Cherry Syrup" after he apparently left the company it went on to become what's known today as "Coca-Cola."  Johnny Coon's father Carleton Coon was in "America's 1st Novelty Orchestra" that made "Radio Famous!" The Coon-Sanders Knighthawks. They also helped bring Western Union about. Then their initial fee's earned helped start MCA, and CBS.  Also, it was pretty much the beginning of "Jazz Music" today. 

Now for the fun part "Johnny Coon" had a theatrical agency that my grandfather worked with him at in "Kansas City" well low and behold guess what they were music booking agents. They represented the likes of "The King of Country Music Roy Acuff, Red Foley, and Morey Amsterdam. To find out who else will take a trip to "Kansas City."