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Friday, September 6, 2013

Tracking Back The Fraud The Government Has Endorsed Now For Almost 100 Years!

For those of you that don't know me I've been trying to deal with many levels of "Fraud" since 2004. This is when I found out my employer lied about the right to sell mortgage notes for one of the largest banks in the world! 

Then I got to find out despite this and having a way to pay my bills that it wasn't enough! "NO" amount of money that could of been made was enough for attorneys, bankers, or the judges! 

After using the court process is when I found out that my employer was over "Thirty-Five" of the top law offices nationally. I have more evidence than most of all the "FRAUD" they are still selling "American's" on today!

When I lost my job over their lying about the right to sell mortgage notes for one of the largest banks in the world I did the best I could do.  I had just given birth to my last child of four children. I started working with a friend of mine who wanted me to go into business with him. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out as planned as my associate decided to disassemble the business out from underneath us. 

While this happened some can call it "Lucky " or "Fate" but I still had people that believed in doing "Honest" banking business. But no one could of prepared me for the things I've experienced for always trying to do the right thing.

For everyone that doesn't have a way to pay I did. The irony is that banking was my livelihood. I took my job very seriously! If someone told me something I verified what I was told! That probably got to the Judges the most! I didn't handle foreclosures. I handled primarily second mortgages that Chase or Citi took as a "write off." As a responsible and diligent person who has worked hard my whole life I tried to be as negotiable as I possibly could.

I attempted to be prepared to know of one's capability to repay me voluntarily before I ever even talked to them. To me its part of being educated about knowing what responsibilities someone is facing in their lives. I can tell you I know for a fact not every account charged off deserved to be charged off. 

For all the people that sell homeowners down a river of bull shit I don't. I dealt with facts. As you know any collector's main objective is to collect the money. This I did so well my co-workers called me "DIGGER!" As they knew I did my best to be honest, fair, and cordial in dealing with my job. 

Upon acceptance of employment not only did they lie about the right to sell mortgage notes they also told me I could settle mortgage accounts out to as little as $5,000.00 if that is all I could get. Did they lack this blanket settlement authority as well? Uh how is it they don't know who owns the note?

 Interesting question..You see they claim this yet if they want to sell your note they do such. Kinda wild when you hear about them separating the notes and deeds isn't it? That they can't put "Humpty Dumpty" back together again? Yet they can sell, and resell, and everything is "Okay" until we want proof of "Ownership." 

They don't let us get by with any thing. The majority of people are lucky to have a roof over their head still, and food on the table. Their insanity upon all of us has made the jobs go bye bye besides our homes! This can leave people with a very low morale if they don't try to have "Inspiration" and "Hope" in their lives. The attorneys totally selling out "America" to be left on the streets deserve no less!

With all the  information I've discovered some try to make me out to be a "Conspiracy Theorist." I'm not. I'm an "American" like millions of others who work everyday. Most of the time to just scrape by. That's why my job was important to me. Especially, with four children all under the age of 9.

 I was always taught to be grateful for what I have, and to never give up! Where does the lies and deception stop? Where is the "America Millions" have risked their "LIFE"for?

Ever notice how if anyone ever talks about the "Civil War" its always in a past tense? I have no doubt some of the treatment I received was because of my identity as the foreclosure crisis could of been resolved in 2008. Without anyone being "Sold" a "Story of Bullshit!"

You can think I'm nuts but I have the "Paycheck Stubs", "Transaction Registers," and a "Great Grandmother " they made "World Famous" as a "Fictional Person!" As come to find out I come from one of the wealthiest families in the country and I now know I've been tracked through out time! My terrorist manager told me even if you find out about the money you'll never get to it! I had no clue what he meant!

We all have our own individual stories that are unique.   Not only that but in spite of the money I should of "Inherited" I've had a respectable way to rectify the whole foreclosure crisis for a few years now! 

I get amazed everyday. I have wonderful children, and so many things to be grateful for. But despite all the wrongs it comes down to what is important. 

Good chances are the majority of people in "America" with the way things are going will be continually left in a status of one check away from living in the streets. With no savings.  The majority of attorneys have totally "SOLD US ALL OUT!" I used to have a lot of "RESPECT" for the "LEGAL INDUSTRY." 

My job meant everything to me. I got to meet many people that upon someone trying to be honest, fair, and understanding would do everything they could to make sure I was paid. Rather they belonged in my office or not! 

Some may never know the attempts I've made to make sure this works out fairly for so many. My grandmother asked me to please try to figure out what my family did. To try to right a wrong that she just couldn't understand the magnitude of! 

For many years she talked of things that many just couldn't understand the magnitude of as well. What she thought was just about a missing father is really about a few of the oldest wealthiest families in our country. Not to mention a few Judges, attorneys,railroad men, gold miners, engneers, actors, polticians. So many people who have made "America" what it is to so many of us!"Home Sweet Home" regardless of obstacles put in our way.

From what I've read on my family they did things to be upstanding individuals in this country we all share. Things one couldn't imagine. My information comes from more than just a homeowner not able to pay. What about being forced to not be able to pay! 

 As come to find out I'm the "Great Grand Daughter" of the "Real Katie O'Hara as in "Gone With The Wind" she wasn't a "Fictional Character". While the "North" may of won the war on the battlefield they left one as well. 

As these people that you can't even describe anymore are so many awful things one couldn't imagine. They have killed our presidents, and I now have no doubt some of my family members. I may never end up knowing my " True Identity" or make a buck again with the way things have gone.

But I will do my best to expose their crimes to the light. As to me I'm not only fighting for me,and my family I'm fighting for every family there is in "America." But I guess they didn't expect me to be any less. My family has given me a maze to figure out that I may never figure out, and could leave me one day dead without anyone ever being given a reason. 

I think people need to know the levels of deceit by "Public Officials!"I believe if someone is getting paid to do a job they should be able to expect their employer not to lie about such an important issue! To have to live in a world where your forced to live with "Enforced and Endorsed Identity Fraud," "Financial Fraud", and so many other things that really are not necessary how do they expect us to be civil to them anymore? How are we any different than them? We're not. A degree doesn't make a person. 

Character, Honor, Dignity are so many virtues that "American's" try to have. Where is our respect back? How can they expect us not to want to avoid paying something twice?

Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you! 

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