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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

U S Circuit Court of Appeals Eighth Circuit

On December 11, 2012 I filed a "Judicial Complaint" against four "Federal Judges"

I'm uploading the document filed within the Circuit Court of Appeals. I'm not an attorney or paralegal. But I am a person walking the earth like so many other people. I just happen to come from one of the wealthiest families in our country at one point in time. 

So wealthy a lot of people know my  great grandmother by her name. Katie O'Hara. What our "Government" or "Hollywood" did to my family is unknown to us. For several years my grandmother wondered just who her father was. The complaint goes into many details of well known people and companies worldwide. 

*Johnny Howard   * Abraham Lincoln   *William C. Whitney
*John Hay Jock Whitney *Helen Hay Whitney  * John Hay
*Captain Patrick Henry Durack  *Captain  Jack Crawford
*Buffalo Bill   *Colonel Adam Schuster  *V Sidney Rothschild
*Al Capone  *Johnny Coons  *Carleton Coons  * Joe Sanders
*Standard Oil   *Western Union  *CBS
*MCA   *LOGS   * National Asset Recovery Services, Inc. 
*Chase Bank   *Citibank *The Pony Express
*The U S Patent Office  * The Billboard

Now we get to see what our so called "Department of Justice" will really do. I technically call them the "Department of Corruption". This is a case of enforced government "Identity Fraud". No attorney will touch the case.

What started all this was having a wonderful grandmother who encouraged me to be all I can be in life. She however desperately wanted to know what made her father leave in 1946 to never return prior to his death in 1980. This is a story of always being taught to do what's right by anyone you meet. It doesn't matter the color of a person's skin. Their name or nationality. It's about not being ashamed of working hard. To appreciate anything you have and don't have. That you take care of anything you have to make it last.

 To be grateful for the one life we have to live. It's about having the courage to make an attempt to "STOP" the foreclosure crisis our world has faced because of corruption so high one just can't imagine it. No one can imagine figuring out your family had such closeness with so many things that started in our great country. Or that people know exactly who you are, and everyone will do everything to keep it from you.

That your livelihood would be put at such risk for trying to fight such corruption. That your left penniless even though you had, and have a way to "STOP" such a catastrophe. Only to find out your worth millions and they will do anything to feel like a fool for trying to make a CHANGE for so many!

To do so much research and still not figure out who what where when and why is mind boggling to say the least. You to would make such an attempt to complain against  "Federal Judges".  To have your attorney refuse to represent you adequately over the way you have to pay your bills sucks. To have judges allow the removal of court documents poof out of a federal court of record is against the law. To have law enforcement on any level REFUSE to do a job their paid to do should make all of them be jailed!

American's NEED JUSTICE!