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Friday, September 27, 2013

"The Believe It Or Not Financial Sideshow!"

Earlier today I made a post about the bill mentioned below.  It was done because someone reposted the article.  I don’t usually write about bills that were “Vetoed.” I did this one. As the title to the article is “Improper, and Pro Se Foreclosure Defense FilingsCould Be a Felony under New Legislation.” As seen here   This bill was vetoed in May 2013 as seen here at

This is at least one thing the “Thieves Didn’t Get!”  The title of the article says it all! What it doesn’t say though is “Regardless” of how you put something into court as a litigant they more than likely won’t do “Their Job” even if it’s “Accepted” into the “Record.”  Even if one’s pleadings meet that “Bright Line that Requires Any Judge to disqualify, and recuse!”

The “Majority” of “Attorneys” are bought off to “Enforce the Circle of International Corruption!”  The whole “Financial Crisis” is a “Fraud” “Upon the American People at Large!”  I understand the fight all too well. I fought the way I thought the laws were written.  I’m not a paralegal or attorney.  However, I’m a “Financial Professional.” It’s been my duty as an “Employee” and “Citizen” to review court records, and understand what was written.  In my own initial pleadings to the “Bankruptcy Court” in the “Eastern District of MO” my “Adversarial” court pleadings were modeled from one of the “Top Consumer Defense Attorneys” in the country.  As I know he was successful in fighting the banks for another homeowner.

Their “Intent” is to “Deceive” anyone they can! They will make you feel it’s your fault you’re in the situation you’re in.  I know this from 1st hand experience as my “Former Employer Lied" about their “Contractual Authority,” “Ability” or “Capability” to sell mortgage notes for “Chase for 2.5 years. “  They are considered one of the largest banks in the “Free World!”  One would have thought having to go through such a thing one might have had a few people to “Help” them.   But instead of “Help” and “Addressing” such an issue I’ve faced “Corruption” beyond a “Reasonable Doubt!”

We’ve had bank after bank supposedly go under. We have the “Manufacturing of Fraud as a Job!”  This isn’t just “Robo Signing Fraud” either! The “Fraud” is on a “Much Larger Scale!”  This affects “Everyone of Us!”  This “Deception” harms everyone!  You don’t even have to have full “Knowledge” of “Something!”   Don’t think the “Government” doesn’t have a way like a time machine to track people throughout time without the person even knowing! I know from “1st hand experience they do!”
Every day, I “Pray,” and “Hope” these “Attorneys” and “Dividers” realize when they “Refuse Assistance” to “Everyone”  in the “Future”  as a “Public Official” if “Attorneys, Bankers, or Judges” don’t like something they were involved in that their “Own Children” or “Great Grand Children” maybe put at risk in the “Future”  with the current way this “Country” is being ran!

This should be considered “Government Induced” and “Sponsored Terrorism!”  Considering they will do “Nothing” but continue to do things that “Harm Everyone!”  One would think “Instead” of “Lying Anymore” they would do something “Beneficial” for “All!”   With all these “Billions” being paid for “Making Fraud” we could rectify the “Whole Financial Crisis!”   One would think I would have “My Phone” ringing off the “Hook!”     Especially, if one has the “People” with the “Capability” to understand how to rectify this crisis!  But in today’s world were forced to live in a “Fraud Endorsed Environment!”

Since 2008, there has been a way to rectify the “Whole Financial Crisis!” This method would be a benefit for “The Homeowner,” as well as the “Attorney’s” on either side!  As a matter of “Fact” for every “$100 Million” used to facilitate this method we can show “Bankers, Attorney’s, and Judges” how currently they are throwing an additional $40 million away per $100 million by continuing to endorse this "Fraudclosure Crisis upon the "American People" the way they are now!

To me this is a “True” “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Story!”  Unfortunately, though it’s all “Very True!” We “Have” the “Biggest Crooks or Public Officials” known to man running this country!”  It’s not a “Race” or “Financial Issue!”
Today, I was attacked by a “Journalist” of the “Huffington Post” his name is “Richard Zombeck.”  I’ve tried several times to get him to “Address” the “Fraud” upon the “American People” by our “Government.”  I was attacked because of a post someone else put up.  I only put it up as it’s what I've experienced to be “True!” here is the picture I put up!

Mr. Zombeck, I've tried to “Stay Away” from anything involving comments being made by other “Foreclosure Fighters.”  I took and take my job seriously! If Mr. Obama or any other “Public Official” is interested in proving me wrong “I’m All Ears!”  I don’t just write stuff to “Make Up” stories!  I write it from being “Forced” to live in a “Living Hell” all over the way I have to “PAY MY BILLS!”  If that “HURTS” someone’s feelings what would you like for me to do? Play “Dead?”

I don’t try to paint a “Rosy Picture” for anyone going through “Foreclosure.” I don’t take money from people claiming I can “HELP” them! I don’t “Lie” to people!  So be “Tired” of “My Posts” all you want! I completely “Hope You” or “Your Fear Mongering People” decide to use your “Capability” to “Finally” publish something that might get “ALL AMERICAN’S SOME HELP!”

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